In the age of the curated lifestyle, where you can have everything, from head-to-toe fashion ensembles to ingredients for gourmet meals, assembled by pros and delivered to your door, why not curated holiday décor too?

At Holiday In A Box Shop, we curate beautiful home décor collections to make every holiday special! Our one-of-a-kind collections are conveniently delivered to your door in one delightful box that’s bursting with holiday excitement. Helping you celebrate the holidays in festive style by infusing your lovely home with exquisite holiday décor is what we’re all about.

We’ve shopped the globe, and searched near and far for holiday décor and accessories we personally love and can envision in our own homes. There’s a style for everyone and every home, including yours!

A first in the curated lifestyle industry, Holiday In A Box Shop fills a void for complete holiday décor collections for folks, like us, who love to pull out the stops each holiday, but don’t have the time or design expertise to curate collections themselves. Holiday In A Box Shop makes decorating with confidence easy.

And because we know you love the creative process as much as we do, we offer a number of additional coordinating items for each curated collection that will give you the opportunity to join in the decorating fun. Create the holiday box you like. You pick and we pack. It’s that simple.


Holiday In A Box Shop Founders,
Jenny, Mari and Cheryl