Who started Holiday In A Box Shop.com?
Three enterprising women: two sisters and a friend are behind this novel idea. Sisters, Jenny and Mari, like many sisters close in age, are best friends and do everything together. After spending years in New York City building their respective careers (Jenny’s in PR and Mari’s an attorney), they moved back to their hometown in Fairfield County, Connecticut to raise their families. They live within a few miles of each other and their three brothers. With 16 children between the five siblings, holiday get-togethers for their big, boisterous family are a raucous celebration filled with laughter and an overabundance of food. They’re proud of their clan and love celebrating the holidays together at their childhood home, where their parents have lived for more than 40 years.

Jenny and Mari shared their holiday décor-made-easy idea with Cheryl, Jenny’s friend and long-time PR colleague on the west coast. A seasoned entrepreneur, Cheryl lives in the Seattle area, which is known as an incubator for many groundbreaking e-commerce brands. She immediately loved the idea and ran it past a few trusted advisors in her business network. They loved it too and Holiday In A Box Shop.com was born!

What was the aha! moment that inspired Holiday In A Box Shop.com?
A couple of years ago Jenny and Mari’s parents decided it was time to pass the holiday hosting baton to their five children. To be brutally honest, this was not something any of them eagerly embraced. The thought of hosting holiday dinners for 30 plus family and friends was a scary proposition, but the time had come for the next generation to take over and a new tradition was born: They began celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter, as well as Passover, in alternating sibling homes.

Instinctively, they knew that decorating their homes for the holidays was more important than ever, but -- yikes! -- up to now, their holiday décor had consisted mostly of keepsakes the children made in school, peppered with kitschy flea market finds and an odd assortment of store-bought boutique items. As sentimental and lovely as these items were, when put together, the wow factor was definitely missing. Like most busy working moms, finding the time to shop myriad stores in search of the perfect décor was a challenge. Putting it all together in one coordinated, cohesive show-stopping look, was another story altogether! What they really needed was a holiday decorator, but that was an unaffordable option. That’s when they had their big aha! moment.

How is Holiday In A Box Shop.com different?
Holiday In A Box Shop is the first and only brand to curate holiday décor collections and deliver them to your door in one delightful box. We do all the legwork so you don’t have to. We shop the globe for distinctive holiday décor and accessories we personally love and can envision in our own homes, and curate themed into collections we know you’ll love.

We consider each and every one of our holiday décor items a find, but appreciate the wow! factor when our individual gems come together into one beautifully and seamlessly curated collection. When it comes to holiday decorating, the whole truly is greater than the sum of all parts!

Do you have a personal favorite?
Cheryl loves clean, modern aesthetics. It’s no secret her personal favorite is our Modern White & Gold Collection. Mari has an affinity for traditional styling defined by blue and green color palettes. She fell head over heels for our Seaglass Beach Collection and can’t wait to put it in her circa 1900 federal style home. You don’t need to live on the beach to love this collection! Jenny has a passion for an eclectic blend of mid-century modern, flea market finds and farmhouse chic. As you might have guessed, she loves it all!

Why hasn’t this been done before?
In a nutshell, it’s easier for retailers to sell holiday décor items to you one at a time. That’s the standard business model. We dared to envision an innovative, new business model that gives today’s consumers what they crave most: curated holiday décor collections delivered to their door, ready to open and place in their homes. Affordable designer looks, zero work, no hassle. Pure joy!

We’re not going to lie…offering multiple décor items in one complete, beautifully curated set that could be shipped to homes in one all-inclusive box was a challenge. Finding the perfect box to safely ship a wide assortment of fragile holiday treasures continues to be a work in progress. We’re proud of our debut Holiday 2016 curated boxes and will work hard to perfect our custom packaging with each new holiday.

Do you have professional stylists and interior designers on your team?
We’re the first to recognize that a little help from the pros goes a long way! We enlisted the help of talented stylists and interior designers on both coasts to work their magic and tweak our curated looks. Together, we expanded some collections and completely discarded others (as heart-wrenching as that was!). The result: we bring our vast collection of lovely holiday treasures to you in six beautifully-themed curated boxes -- a style for everyone and every home, including yours! Many thanks to the designing women who made Holiday In A Box Shop possible!

Is there an opportunity to change what’s in each curated collection box?
Unfortunately, each curated collection displayed on our website is set in stone. However, because we know you love the creative process as much as we do, we have assembled a number of additional coordinating items for each collection that will give you the opportunity to join in the decorating fun. Select the holiday box you like and add to it from our selection of carefully assembled enhancement pieces from any of our collections. You pick and we pack. It’s that simple.

What’s next for Holiday In A Box Shop.com?
Soon, we’ll be rolling out curated collections for every holiday and change of season. Look for Spring/Easter early next year, followed by Summer/Memorial Day, July 4th, Halloween, Fall/Thanksgiving, Christmas/Winter, and more.